2017 FutureMusic Holiday Gift Guide

Well, you’ve waited pretty much until the last minute to score that perfect gift for the music creator in your life, and no, obsessing over Rey and Kylo’s late-night flirting via “ForceTime” during the Last Jedi will not suffice as a valid excuse for gifting some crap from Woot. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a short list of sure-fire gifts for our 2017 FutureMusic Holiday Gift Guide…

FutureMusic Holiday 2017 Gift Guide PolyEnd SEQ

Polyend SEQ

Got Hardware? Then breath new life into your gear by scoring a Polyend SEQ. The SEQ is a hardware sequencer featuring 32 steps, 8 polyphonic tracks and storage for 256 patterns…and it’s been dubbed by one of our staffers as the “most fun you can have with your pants on!” Great for the studio and live sets, the innovators at Polyend have certainly delivered with the new SEQ. Awesome! Polyend’s SEQ costs $999. Polyend

Native Instruments Maschine mkIII

Want to witness spontaneous human combustion on Christmas morning? Wrap up Native’s new Maschine mkIII controller – one of our leading candidates for Gear Of The Year in the MIDI Controller category – and don your raincoat. NI has gone big with the mkIII adding several attributes that users have been clamoring for, including bigger and more sensitive pads, full-color, high-resolution screens, faster workflow and a 96kHz / 24-bit audio interface built into the unit. Even better is that owners of the Maschine Jam will find the new mkIII to be the quintessential companion. The Maschine mkIII is a steal at $599. Native Instruments

FutureMusic Holiday 2017 Gift Guide Native Instruments Maschine mkIII

FutureMusic-Holiday 2017 Gift Guide V-Moda-Crossfade 2 Wireless

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones

We’ve been testing V-Moda’s Crossfade II Wireless headphones and you won’t find a better set of cans for the music lover on your list. The Crossfade II Wireless feature an all-analog signal path, which bypasses the digital circuitry, if you want to go wired for full-bandwidth mayhem. The sequel also features revamped 50mm drivers and Qualcomm’s aptX Bluetooth tech for the best wireless delivery. $330. V-Moda

Roli Blocks

Roli debuted the Blocks system last fall and the UK concern has not taken their foot off the gas. Debuting a new product or updating their software practically every month has meant that our long-term review process simply can’t keep up. The good news is that every time we found a deficit, Roli seemed to magically address it in their next upgrade or by coming out with even better Block modules, including a mini Seaboard keyboard. Their new Lightpad Block M is just awesome! Roli’s Blocks start at $179. Roli Blocks

FutureMusic Holiday 2017 Gift Guide Roli Blocks

FutureMusic Holiday 2017 Gift Guide Roland TR-08

Roland TR-08

Last year, Roland’s TB-03, a recreation of the famed TB-303 Bassline, made our list, so it wasn’t a hard choice to add their TR-08 to this year’s buyers guide as well. Like the 03, the TR-08 is a faithful replica of one of Roland’s beloved bits of kit from the 1980’s, in this case, the legendary TR-808 drum machine. Along with the Akai MPC, the 808 is probably the most famous and influential Hip-Hop instruments and one of the most revered and sought-after electronic instruments of all time. The TR-08 brings the look and feel of the original 808 in the Roland Boutique format with its modern features. $500. Roland

Erica Synths Pico System 1

When we got our hands on the Pico System 1 from Erica Synths, one of our favorite boutique gear manufacturers, we couldn’t stop smiling. The Pico is a miniaturized modular synth, complete with 3.5mm patch cords and housed in a micro wood-paneled enclosure. There’s too much analog modular deliciousness to discuss in this space, but check out our Erica Synths Pico System 1 review to get an in-depth accounting. This could possibly be the ultimate gift for the Music Executive on your list, or anyone else who wants to have hours of endless fun. €1111.11 Erica Synths

FutureMusic Holiday 2017 Gift Guide Erica Synths Pico System 1

 FutureMusic Holiday 2017 Gift Guide Chrome Industries

Chrome Industries

Chrome Industries has been making their signature “seatbelt” messenger bags since 1995. Although they now have stores nationwide and have branched out into apparel, as well as other urban essentials, their bags still make a statement. Whether your running to a DJ gig or a web development meeting, there’s a Chrome bag that will meet your needs. $140. Chrome

Immersive Sound

Immersive Sound: The Art and Science of Binaural and Multi-Channel Audio is an exhaustive tomb on multi-channel sound. With contributions from leading recording engineers, researchers, and industry experts, Immersive Sound includes an in-depth description of the physics and psychoacoustics of spatial audio as well as practical applications. This “textbook” includes the history of 3D sound, binaural reproduction over headphones and loudspeakers, stereo, surround sound, height channels, object-based audio, soundfield (ambisonics), wavefield synthesis, and multi-channel mixing techniques. In the rapidly evolving fields of 3D sound recording, augmented and virtual reality, gaming, film sound, music production, and post-production, you won’t find a more comprehensive resource than Immersive Sound. $89.95. Immersive Sound Book

FutureMusic Holiday 2016 Gift Guide Immersive Sound Book

FutureMusic Holiday 2017 Gift Guide American Giant Hoodie

American Giant

American Giant makes one heck of a hoodie. Their Classic Front Zip is made from dense, heavy weight cotton that acts like a shield against an unfavorable world. Warm, cozy and made to withstand almost everything you can throw at it, including a Pumpkin Spice Latte that makes an unschedule pitstop right in your lap. And all this Made In The USA goodness won’t even break your bank account. $89. American Giant


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