Antelope Audio Premiers LiveClock – Compact Master Word Clock Generator

Antelope Audio has premiered LiveClock, a compact master clock based on Antelope’s 4th generation Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology and designed for use in any live sound or home studio application. The new clock fits perfectly into a “dog house” on the FOH console, and takes up just 1U space with additional rack ears.

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Antelope Audio created LiveClock to meet increasing demand for an efficiently sized master clock, capable of vastly improving the sound quality of digital gear in a wide range of live performance environments. While LiveClock was created with live sound applications in mind, it is also perfect as a practical clocking solution for home and project studio use.
Antelope LiveClock
LiveClock supports up to 192 kHz sample rates, distributed via four Word Clock outputs on BNC and two pairs of AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs. The unit allows simultaneous clocking of multiple devices, enabling synchronization of multiple components. The unit’s 10 MHz input allows users of Antelope Audio’s 10MX or 10M Atomic Clock to achieve even greater stability and sound quality. Meanwhile, LiveClock is simple to configure with its touch interface, which also offers a convenient Panel Lock function, this prevents accidental sample rate changes during a session or live show. All functions of the device are easily controlled via a cross-platform software control panel.

“Our master clocks are already popular in live sound rigs and their benefits are well-known, but many of our customers in that sector have sought a competitively priced, compact product specifically tailored to their use,” says Marcel James, Antelope Audio Director of U.S. Sales. “LiveClock meets this demand pocket-sized, rack-mountable package. Now live sound engineers can take crystal clear Antelope sound wherever their next job takes them.” In other words, Black Lion Audio’s excellent MicroClock (see our Black Lion Audio MicroClock III review), has been grabbing marketshare in the quality entry level market and Antelope wants in.

Antelope Audio’s LiveClock costs $995 / €995 is scheduled to ship towards the end of April, 2016.
Antelope Audio

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