What Will Apple’s iTablet Do For Music Production?

As we all wait with bated breath for Apple’s Dog ‘n’ Pony show this afternoon that will finally unveil their new iTablet, we still have a few moments to reflect on this products potential impact on the future of music production. Now we’ve been ruminating on an Apple tablet for some time, but on the cusp of the announcement the big question around these parts is:

Will it become the ultimate Studio-To-Go or DJ-Rig-To-Go?

Only time can tell, but if the iTablet is going to run an enhanced version of the iPhone OS, then we’re hesitant to get really excited. True an iPhone on steroids is an interesting proposition, but if it lacks the horsepower to run Logic Express, Ableton, Traktor, etc. then the music community is going to feel like it has fallen short.

Now this may not necessarily be a bad thing. Reason? If the iTablet proves to be a hit, then Apple may consider expanding the line to include beefier processors and iTablet versions of Logic and their other popular software. An iTablet running Logic would definitely be one of the sexiest music rigs around and give the software a competitive advantage over Cubase, Digital Performer and the likeā€¦

Author: FutureMusic

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