EKS Officially Unveils OTUS RAW – New MIDI DJ Controller

EKS has announced the Otus RAW, a new DJ MIDI controller designed to work as a single or dual deck with two pitch sliders and four MPC-like drum pads. EKS claims the Otus RAW will contain many new features that were requested by professional DJs from around the world, but the details, aside from the aforementioned pitch sliders and MPC pads, are sketchy at best.

Unlike the original Otus, Otus RAW is equipped with two long and sturdy SL-turntable-style pitch sliders, one for each virtual deck. The Otus RAW also features large velocity pads and buttons. A layer switch immediately multiplies the layers of controls available on the Otus RAW, resulting in many control options.

EKS also claims the Otus RAW contains “future proof control ideology” — although, your mileage may vary…

β€œThe concept for the Otus RAW was simple: take feedback from the world’s most well respected DJs on the original Otus and incorporate it into the design of Otus RAW,” commented Sulevi Seppanen, EKS’ Sales Director. β€œWe realize that some DJs prefer the physical control of a SL-turntable-style slider as opposed to a touch sensitive slider.”

The Otus RAW will be available for sale sometime this spring. No pricing has announced.

Author: FutureMusic

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