Got 20,000 Euro Burning A Hole In Your Pocket?

Schmidt-Synthesizer is now taking orders on the third batch of twenty-five new Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizers. Available in both black and white color finishes, the new synth will set you back about €20,000 when they arrive this month.
Aside from the hand-crafted design, the Schmidt’s oscillator 4 is worth highlighting with its chain of five ring modulators fed by six pulse-waves, each with different pulse-widths. It claims to create colder, wavetable-like sounds, despite being fully analog. Deploying discrete sound generation circuitry throughout, each and every parameter is directly accessible via dedicated controls on the front panel with adjustable angle and user-adjustable colored LEDs.


» Eight-voice polyphonic, true analog synthesizer with digital control and preset memories
» Discrete sound generation circuitry (no integrated oscillator / filter circuits on one single chip)
» Schmidt eight-part multimode
» Separate audio outputs for each voice, plus summing outputs and headphone out
» 1,028 single sound presets
» 256 multi sound presets
» 61 keys, semi-weighted, with velocity and aftertouch
» Glide / Portamento
» Realtime modifiers fully programmable per preset (modwheel, stick controller, keyboard-aftertouch, four foot switches, four expression pedals)
» Complete MIDI implementation, MIDI via USB port and DIN sockets
» All sound programming functions with dedicated frontpanel controls and switches
» Large LC-display
» Multi-color LEDs
» Control panel with an adjustable angle
» Internal universal power supply
» Flight case included

Schmidt’s Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer costs €19,900 for a black unit and €20,900 for the white.

Author: FutureMusic

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