Vermona Debuts Two New Eurorack Modules, uniCYCLE Voltage Controlled Oscillator & quadroPOL Polarizing Mixer / Ringmodulator

Vermona has announced two new eurorack modules, the uniCYCLE voltage controlled oscillator — a six-waveform VCO (Voltage-Controlled Oscillator) module – and the the quadroPOL polarizing mixer / ringmodulator — a four-channel polarizer module.

Vermona uniCYCLE voltage controlled oscillator quadroPOL polarizing mixer / ringmodulator

Besides classic sawtooth, triangle and square offerings, the uniCYCLE voltage controlled oscillator generates sine, even, and a special sawtooth with doubled frequency for a total of six waveform outputs. PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is available for the square wave, but also can be transformed into a sine-like wave, while the doubled saw turns into half-pitched triangles. There are also six outputs, including LIN FM (Linear Frequency Modulation) and EXP FM (Exponential Frequency Modulation) as well as H – SYNC – S (hard and soft sync).

One knob allows access to the uniCYCLE voltage controlled oscillator’s frequencies in three different modes. Tune either controls the low frequency or audio range, respectively adding or subtracting exactly one octave. In this calibrated mode it provides a dead-zone around its centre position, making it easy to access all three octaves without needing a centre-click.

As a four-channel polarizer module, the quadroPOL polarizing mixer / ringmodulator is capable of attenuating any incoming signal, in-phase or out of phase. The way that each of those four channels work is one of its most distinguishing features with a dead-zone where the input signal will be completely suppressed, so users can easily locate the off position — even without a centre-click — while simultaneously being able to create sensitive level increases.

Other features include, any channel’s output signal is optionally forwarded to the next one, allowing the quadroPOL polarizing mixer / ringmodulator to be used as a mixer module, as implied by its full appellation; as such, users can sum up to four signals. Secondly, the quadroPOL polarizing mixer / ringmodulator can also be controlled via control voltages, with each channel boasting a CV IN alongside its input; so, setting the level manually apart, users can also use each channel as a VCA (Voltage-Controlled Amplifier). Additional functionality comes courtesy of the fact that the quadroPOL polarizing mixer / ringmodulator has one four-quadrant multiplier per channel, allowing the module to also act as four ring modulators.

Vernoma’s quadroPOL polarizing mixer / ringmodulator costs €269 / $309, while the uniCYCLE voltage controlled oscillator will set you back €289 / $339.

Author: FutureMusic

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