Radio Garden Allows You To Stream Radio Stations From Around The World

Radio Garden has unleashed a very cool way to listen to radio stations around the world, or more appropriately, the globe. Employing Google Earth as a visual interface, you can now navigate around the world to discover and listen to a wide variety of radio stations.

radio garden ibiza-radio futuremusic

Each radio station is depicted by a green dot, and the size of the dot showcases the size of the station. Most of the radio streams are high-quality and it’s just a blast exploring the world and listening to local music. As you “scan the dial” by clicking on one station after another, you can hear static and the “dialing in” of the station, a nice touch. Once selected, you can then zoom in, surveying the geographical area. Very cool!

Radio Garden Global Radio is free!
Radio Garden

Author: FutureMusic

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