Pearl Readies Shipment Of The New Awakenings Tongue Drums

Pearl is readying the first shipment of their new Awakenings Tongue drums. There are six new cosmic Tongue Drums, three 8 note and three 9 note drums tuned to pentatonic scales. Each drum features a 10″ hardened steel shell with laser cut tongues for accurate and consistent tuning. Many European electronic musicians are incorporating these types of soothing metal drums in their productions for deep house or ambient music. If you’re looking for an organic sound that can set your tracks apart, the new Awakenings from Pearl may be just the ticket.


There are two basic types of metal hand [pan] drums available. Hand Pans, also called Hang Drums, which were inspired by the PANArt Hang, a Swiss collective, and tongue drums. The main difference is how the idiophones derive pitch. Hand pans employ dimples and tongue drums have different “U” shapes cut into the drum. Both can be played by using mallets or just your hands. PANArt has greatly expanded their initial Hang Drum offerings and if you’re enamored by the sound, you will be rewarded by heading over to their website.

Pearl’s Tongue drums can also be played with various parts of your hand or with a set of mallets, which the company includes with each drum model. The drums sit on three rubber isolation feet that allow the instrument to ring freely. Each drum in the series features a different lacquer finish and feathers out towards the center to reveal the polished steel shell.

A portion of the sale of each Awakenings Tongue Drum will be shared with The Rhythmic Arts Project. TRAP’S primary objective is to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their typical peers in all aspects of everyday life.

Pearl Offers Six Difference Models

» 8 Note Tongue Drum G Major, #687 Blue Burst – $420.00
» 8 Note Tongue Drum A Ake Bono, #688 Brown Burst – $420.00
» 8 Note Tongue Drum A Minor, #698 Green Burst – $420.00
» 9 Note Tongue Drum Lydian, #690 Orange Burst – $505.00
» 9 Note Tongue Drum C Penta, #691 Crimson Burst – $505.00
» 9 Note Tongue Drum Ake Bono, #692 Purple Burst – $505.00


Author: FutureMusic

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