Retronyms Unleashes Looperverse – Loop Recording & Performance Ecosystem

The mad scientists at Retronyms have unleashed what could turn out to be their most popular product to date, the Looperverse. Looperverse is a loop recording/performance ecosystem for iOS. It’s the result of a multi-year collaboration between Retronyms and even bigger nutjobs, Cycling ’74, creators of the awesome MAX/MSP platform. The hardware/iOS App Looperverse system includes a wireless Bluetooth stomp pedal and an app for iPhone and iPad.

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You can think of Looperverse as a JamMan for the new millennium, a software/hardware combo that merges the classic pedal-based live looping workflow — utilized by Ed Sheeran, DubFX, DJ Quest, and more — with the powerful multitouch editing features of iOS.

With an array of loop creation tools, Looperverse makes recording, editing, and customizing your loops a visual affair. Continuously record up to 16 tracks worth of content, and immediately edit them. The 16 track loop recorder includes sound-on-sound, overwrite, and next track modes. Musicians can adjust track sends to the built-in delay and reverb effects, as well as adjusting pan, gain, mute, and solo in the mixer. Looperverse features advanced waveform editing, pitch shifting, time stretching, live reverse, extensive undo/redo, and time signature support. These features allow musicians to limitlessly modify their scenes and explore phrases and riffs.

Looperverse App Features:

» Advanced 16 track loop recorder
» Time stretching and pitch shifting for scenes, tracks, and segments
» Delay and reverb send effects
» Built in mixer with pan, gain, mute, and solo
» Advanced waveform editing
» Snap to grid or transient for extensive editing
» Advanced time signature support
» Tap tempo
» Stem export for DAWs
» Reverse songs or musical segments in real time while recording or playing back
» Extensive undo/redo
» Audio triggered record
» Play scene with keyboard
» IAA, Audiobus and Ableton Link support
» MIDI and MIDI learn support
» AudioCopy and AudioPaste support

Looperverse Pedal Features:

» Quality powder coated aluminum enclosure
» Low latency Bluetooth MIDI interface
» Six steel switches
» Pre-mapped and fully customizable

The Looperverse app plays nice with Inter App Audio and AudioBus, allowing you to record any virtual instrument. Looperverse also supports Ableton Link, allowing musicians to lock tempo with Ableton Live or apps on other devices. AudioCopy support allows musicians to quickly publish music on SoundCloud, copy and paste from hundreds of compatible apps, and choose from millions of loops and sounds available in the Content Store.

The app is integrated and enhanced with the Looperverse pedal, which provides six quality switches pre-mapped to undo, redo, clear, tap tempo, record, and playback. Each setting is fully customizable, so users can remap to their liking. It can be controlled from users’ iOS devices and will work as a standalone pedal with any device that supports MIDI. Because the Looperverse pedal supports the Bluetooth (BTLE) MIDI standard, it’s compatible with virtually any software on any device. Musicians can control Looperverse from external hardware and remap to their liking with MIDI and MIDI Learn support.

Retronyms’ Looperverse is available now in the App Store for $9.99 and works universally with iOS devices. Looperverse pedals are available for purchase directly on for $199.99.

Author: FutureMusic

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