Tracktion Premiers Copper Reference Stereo Vacuum Tube Audio Interface

Tracktion has premiered their new Copper Reference stereo vacuum tube interface, the first product that claims to feature the new Sabre Pro 9038 DAC chip capable of 140dB DNR and -122 THD.
Tracktion-copper-reference audio interface
Working closely with ESS Technology, the leading high-performance audio DAC and ADC chip provider, Tracktion has designed the Copper Reference to unseat the Sabre Reference Digital Audio Converter as best-in-class. The Copper Reference input path contains dual AKM ADC’s run in parallel and summed to gain an extra 3 dB of dynamic range. The dual vacuum tube stage adds warmth to the signal allowing the addition of subtle to fully-blown tube saturation, but can be bypassed, if not desired.

No pricing has been announced, but Tracktion hopes to have the Copper Reference on shelves this spring.

Author: FutureMusic

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  1. Well another hi-end boutique product that is out of reach for most. Yet Traction hails it all over the place. Even by responding in forums such as KVR’s. Sure if ya have money to burn and used everything else go ahead and buy this. I take a step back when I see valve tech employed in SS circuitry claiming the best of both worlds. And for this price you can buy 2 dual channel preamps that are very nice and offer different vibes of sound.

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    • We’ve been testing Monoprice’s Compact Stereo Hybrid 15-watt Tube Amp with Bluetooth (Product #16152) with the Amazon Dot and found it to be pretty compelling, especially at the $79 sale price. They also have some other hybrid systems to check out. (FutureMusic does not receive any compensation for this recommendation)

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