Rob Papen Soundware Upgrades Predator To Version 2.0

Rob Papen Soundware has upgraded Predator to version 2.0. Predator2’s pliable GUI (Graphical User Interface) has been redesigned to showcase most of the controls onscreen, instead of delving into menus. Rob Papen has provided an EASY PAGE to cater to those not needing simultaneous access to so many controls. There they can quickly find the most important parameters to tweak a sound or even use the handy preset Variations function (an intelligent randomizer).
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Improvements in Predator2 don’t stop with the interface, the three oscillators are now dual-equipped with WAVE A and WAVE B including a variety of mixed and morphed waves between them. That said, there are now no fewer than eight editable User Waves which can be combined into wave-sets that are traversable in different ways. Each of those USER WAVES is editable with up to 256 different partials and advanced controls to edit and shape the wavetables.

Rob Papen Soundware Predator2 Features & Enhancements”

» Each oscillator is now dual, using two different waves (including the 8 user waves), with a variety of different waves of mixing / morphing between them
» Each preset can hold up to 8 user waves, which can be combined into wave-sets, which can be traversed in different ways
» Each user wave is editable, using up to 256 partials, and with advanced commands to edit & shape these wavetables
» Each filter & oscillator is now stereo
» Much expanded second filter, with full controls & envelopes, plus a 3rd high pass filter
» Improved unison mode, now up-to 6 unison sub-voices for each full voice; unison works in all play modes
» XY screen, with recordable paths, which can be used to modulate all the controls
» Dual Arp (A & B) with join mode allowing you to have up 32 step Arp
» New Sequencer Arp mode
» Increased envelopes & LFOs (up from 2 to 4)
» Increased number of modulation steps (from 8 to 20), with advanced modulation mode allowing you to step limits & upper / lower amounts
» Improved chord editing
» Dual 3 band EQ with low / high pass filter which can be used pre / post of the effects.
» Each section can have it’s own presets, and commands such as clearing / copying / pasting
» Easy mode
» Big Screen mode
» Improved preset management with find mode & tagging
» Almost 6000 presets

All oscillators and filters are now fully stereo and the flexible Filter section is bolstered by an expanded second filter (Filter 2) section with full controls and envelopes, plus a third high-pass filter (HP Filter) section for further fine-tuning. Unison Mode has also been improved with up to six unison sub-voices for each full voice, allowing unison to work with any Play Mode. Meanwhile, more movement comes courtesy of an all-new XY Pro section with recordable paths that can be used to modulate all Predator2 controls.

The dual arpeggiator (ARP A and ARP B) gets a nice enhancement with Join mode means that users can create up to 32-step arpeggios — alternatively, they can try the all-new Sequencer Arp mode for yet more musical inspiration; increased envelopes, LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) — up from two (in Predator) to four (in Predator2), and modulation steps — up from eight (in Predator) to 20 (in Predator2) with an Advanced (modulation) Mode allowing users to step limits and Lower THR and Upper THR amounts also add to the excitement of inspirational sound design, as does ADV/Chord (advanced chord) editing and dual three-band EQ with LP (lowpass) and HP (high-pass) filter that can be Pre-FX or Post-FX. Finally, each section can have its own presets and directly responds to copy, paste, and clear commands.

Rob Papen Soundware’s Predator2 can be purchased in a boxed edition — as an AAX (32-/64-bit), AU (32-/64-bit), VST (32-/64-bit) compatible audio software plug-in for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher) and Windows (Vista, 7, 8, and 10) for $149/ €149.

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Author: FutureMusic

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