Waves Teams With Infected Mushroom For Pusher Mastering Plug-In

Infected Mushroom has teamed with Waves to debut a specialized plug-in dubbed, Pusher. This multiband, sonic exciter/enhancer/limiter/clipper allows you to boost frequencies, enhance sounds, and even claims to be able to master full tracks.
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Waves Pusher Features:

» Created with electronic duo Infected Mushroom
» Claims to be Infected Mushroom’s “secret mixing sauce” in a single plug-in
» All-in-one multiband sonic enhancer
» Includes clipper/limiter
» Perfect for instruments, busses and full mixes, and for preparing your music for live venues
» Can be used for mixing and mastering in all genres

“We wanted to combine our mixing and mastering tricks that we’ve been working on for 20 years into one plug-in. Pusher will make almost anything sound better in a matter of seconds.” —Infected Mushroom

Pusher can be used on individual sounds, on busses/groups, or for mastering:
Low – Enhance low frequencies and choose where the processing begins based on note or frequency. Perfect for getting kicks and bass instruments to drive through the mix.
Body, High – Enhance the mid and high frequencies
Magic – Excite and boost the dynamics of all frequencies at once. Good to use on drum groups or full mixes
Stereo Image – Widen the stereo image of higher frequencies
Push – Push your mix to the max by clipping or limiting when mastering.

Waves’ Pusher costs $49 and is available now.

Author: FutureMusic

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