Elysia Releases Karacter

Elysia has released karacter, a single rack unit version of their saturation and distortion “coloring book” with CV capability. It provides saturation, tube-inspired distortion, and other assorted mayhem and destruction.

elysia karacter

This all-in-one solution offers two separate channels which can be set up for dual mono, linked stereo or linked and unlinked M/S operation. Integrated mix stages for parallel signal processing and the unique Color Control add to its remarkable flexibility. With its new CV capability, users can now supply external Control Voltages into the karacter, allowing modulation or recall its Drive and Mix parameter settings.

Elysia karacter Features:

» 100% Discrete Class-A Topology
» Mastering-Grade Saturation?
» Tube-Inspired Distortion
» Turbo Boost for massive sonic mayhem
» Aluminum housing, panel and knobs
» New Control Voltage – Modulation and recall of Drive and Mix
» Color Filter? – Harmonics-frequency relation tweaks
» Dual Mono/Stereo Link/Mid Side
» Stepped Controllers

External control voltages routed to the rack allow modulation or recall of its Drive and Mix parameter settings by analog synths, MIDI-to-CV interfaces and many other sources which can be used to feed the karacter with oscillator rates, value sweeps, and setup changes.

The karacter offers two individual channels that can be used in dual mono, linked stereo, and Mid/Side configuration, making it a remarkably flexible tool for any imaginable studio or live application. The karacter’s unique Color filter network allows subtle or extreme harmonics-frequency relationship tweaks to take place, while the integrated Mix control helps dial in just the right amount of enhancement or grit. Stepped potentiometers ensure fast and precise recall.

“In no time at all, you can create the most organic and vivid sounds out of plain and static sources. And the entire unit is designed with discrete class-A topology, so even the most lo-fi sounds will benefit from karacter’s high-end touch,” claims elysia CEO Dominik Klassen.

Elysia’s karacter will set you back $1,679 / €990, and is available now.

Author: FutureMusic

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