Erica Synths Releases Black Quad VCA Module

Erica Synths has released the Black Quad VCA, a new Eurorack module with a few tricks up its sleeve.


Erica Synths custom pre-emphasis – de-emphasis circuits claim to improve signal to noise ratio, as well as preserve the nuances of the original signal. The Black Quad can also perform a dynamic automatic mixing of outputs and configurable CV addressing. However, if no CV is applied, the Black Quad VCA can perform simply as a signal mixer. The Black Quad works quite nicely with their Black Dual EG/LFO for a compact, quality setup.

Erica Synths Black Quad VCA Features:

» 4 independent VCAs
» Manual signal and CV level adjustment
» Pre-emphasis – de-emphasis circuits on all 4 channels
» Automatic output mixing
» Logarithmic VCA response
» Configurable CV addressing

Erica Synths Black Quad VCA Eurorack Module costs €190 (ex. VAT) and is available now.
Erica Synths

Author: FutureMusic

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