Polyend Announces PERC MIDI-To-Trigger Technology

Polyend has announced PERC, a MIDI controlled device that mechanically plays percussive instruments. Make a drum machine out of anything that drums. In other words, its Trigger to MIDI technology in reverse!
polyend-perc-trigger on high hat cymbal
Until Polyend announced PERC, the only way to achieve precise and repeatable drum parts was to use sequenced samples. PERC is a MIDI-controlled mechanical device that plays acoustic drums and percussion instruments.
PERC is velocity sensitive and can reaches over 1200 BPM. It is designed both to play by itself or to accompany the drummer on the same drum kit. Because it has MIDI DIN, USB and CV ports it can be controlled with any hardware or software sequencer.
polyend-perc-trigger on cymbal
PERC is designed to endure most physically demanding circumstances. Machined aluminum enclosure, wooden beater and quality components, has enabled Polyend to develop a device that guarantees seamless and stable operation. PERC system is capable of controlling up to three ball strikers but it is possible to multiply controllers by connecting the devices using MIDI cable. (Oh dear… —Ed.)


This is one of the coolest ideas we’ve seen in a long time. If it works as claimed, it should be an absolute sensation to enhance live performances, both musical and experimental.

Polyend’s PERC costs €799 for the controller and one ball trigger, and €200 for each additional ball. Preorders are starting in second half of April with the unit shipping sometime this fall.

Author: FutureMusic

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