Black Cat Pedals Releases Monster K-Fuzz Effect For Eurorack

Black Cat Pedals has announced the Monster K-Fuzz effect for the Eurorack modular format. Developed by vintage synth collector Tom Hughes, the Monster K-Fuzz module has been adapted and optimized specifically for use with modular synthesizers. The Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack module claims to process audio signals through a modified vintage fuzz circuit to create an array of harmonically complex tones and textures.
Black Cat Pedals Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack
The Monster K-Fuzz functions as a cross between a VCF and a wave shaper. The upper octave fuzz circuitry creates distinct overtones that traditional filters are not known to achieve. Black Cat goes further to declare that when fully overdriven, the Monster K-Fuzz sounds organic and warm.

» Variable controls for Saturation and Frequency
» 3-position selector switches for Clipping and Voicing
» Two separate Voltage Control Inputs
» Durable metalphoto finish 6HP panel
» Premium quality through-hole components
» Hand-built in the USA

The Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack module costs $150.

Black Cat

Author: FutureMusic

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