Apple’s iPad Pro Misses Huge Opportunity

Today is the first day you can get your hands on Apple’s new iPad Pro. The super-sized iPad has a ton of new, exciting features, as well as processing and resolution upgrades. The question that everyone is asking: Can this replace my desktop? But the real question for our readers is: Will this be better for mobile music making. The short answer: No. The reason. No 3D Touch. Apple missed a huge opportunity with the iOS music market by not including this dynamic new feature, but considering how they roll out their products, it’s not a surprise.
iPadPro good for netflix, but not music
Make no bones about it, 3D Touch will revolutionize music iOS apps. Roli, makers of the Seaboard Grand and the new Rise, have announced Equator, which will utilize the 3D Touch technology to emulate their expressive keyboard. Native Instruments has just announced iMaschine 2, which also implements the new technology…and iOS music app developers are just getting started.

3D Touch will add true velocity and aftertouch to the iPad ecosystem, something that is desperately needed to take many of the leading music apps to the next level. Not only that, it will open up new creative realms that innovative developers will showcase with exciting new implementations. So is the absence of 3D Touch, the only issue holding mobile music makers up from grabbing the new iPad Pro?

No. It’s the weight. Apple says it’s only 1.59 lbs. But after holding it for a few minutes it feels like you’re holding up the world. Not good.

So why no 3D Touch? The manner of which Apple trots out new product categories, they always leave room for the next upgrade and never incorporate every new technology available. Not to mention, they do not want to do anything to cannibalize their iPhone 6S sales this holiday season. Thus, you’ll have to wait about nine months for 3D Touch to make it into the iPad Pro and by that time, we’ll probably see it first in the next iPad Air, which will not only allow you to save some money, but also your muscles.

The Future: If you like to watch TV or movies in bed, the iPad Pro could be the best Netflix machine around.

Author: FutureMusic

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