Kenton Releases THRU-25, Massive MIDI Hardware Thru Box

Kenton has released the THRU-25, a new MIDI Thru hardware box that supports up to 25 MIDI devices connected to one MIDI output port. The THRU-25 contains 25 sequentially-numbered MIDI Thru ports, each with separate drive circuits for optimum performance, plus one opto-coupled MIDI IN (MIDI input) port with a claimed latency of less than one microsecond.
kenton-thru25 midi thru box
Housed in a brushed aluminium chassis, the THRU-25 is powered by a plug-top, switch-mode power supply. As such, there is no need for periodic battery changes to keep the unit up and running. Instead, the active LED emits a steady green light to indicate when power is connected and no MIDI data is being received at the MIDI IN port; in turn, that green light flickers when MIDI data is being received.

Active circuitry helps restore the quality of signals received at that MIDI input as they may have become degraded by losses incurred in the MIDI cable connecting the keyboard, computer, or other ‘master’ MIDI device to the THRU-25. In use, up to 25 ‘slave’ MIDI devices can be conveniently controlled by simply connecting them to those multiple MIDI Thru ports — one MIDI device per port.

Kenton’s THRU-25 is available now for £128.92.


Author: FutureMusic

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