Doppler Labs Releases DUBS Acoustic Filters Earplugs

Doppler Labs, a new concern, has released DUBS, specialized earplugs featuring acoustic filtering, which claims to reduce sound levels by 12 dB, while retaining sonic clarity. The stylish earplugs come in four colors and have a bit of steampunk, cyborg flavor.
doppler labs dubs earplug filters noise reduction
The reusable plugs may be a solid solution for reducing sound levels in a city environment, on a subway, at a concert, on a plane, at a club or anywhere you need to “take the sonic edge off.”
doppler dubs noise filtering technology
Developed by acoustic engineers and designers, the DUBS have been pre-tuned to target specific frequencies, but not the entire spectrum, resulting in a more natural sound pressure reduction without muffling.

Doppler’s DUBS cost $25 and are available now.

Doppler Labs

Author: FutureMusic

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