Budweiser Innovates With New Made For Music Campaign

Budweiser has reinvigorated their MADE for Music campaign with an innovative new approach that brings together phenomenal undiscovered street musicians and performer to record a new version of the X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons hit single Jungle.”
Budweiser Made Underground
Budweiser will embark on a round-the-globe search for an eclectic mix of street musicians to create a global busker band, consisting of the most unique underground and street performers, all captured by MADE Underground. After recording Jungle this unique blend of musicians will perform at the Budweiser Made in America festival on Saturday, August 30th.

“Budweiser partnered with Jamie N Commons, a British folk musician, and Brooklyn-based four-piece band, X Ambassadors, to hit the streets and subways of London, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Philadelphia to find these talented, unsung underground musicians. There aren’t auditions, but instead Jamie and Sam Harris (of X Ambassadors) along with the Noisey (VICE’s music channel) production team who is producing the series, are actually going around from city to city, searching for and discovering buskers and street performers, making music with them, exploring their unique styles or instruments and then selecting their favorite from each city to be a part of the band.” said Camilo Durana, Global Director, Budweiser Sports and Entertainment.

The MADE Underground series, produced by Noisey, VICE’s music channel, Budweiser and Alex Da Kid, will follow Jamie N Commons, a British folk musician and Brooklyn-based four-piece band, X Ambassadors, as they hit the streets and subways of London, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Philadelphia to find these talented, unsung geniuses of global music. They, in collaboration with Budweiser, will bring together the passion and talent of underground performers from around the world to convene an all-star jam of diverse street sounds from these world capitals.

“As a street musician from London, I am so excited to be a part of Budweiser’s MADE Underground,” said Jamie N Commons. “There is so much talent in the most unexpected places and through the series we will all help to shed light on some of the most genius musicians from across the globe to re-create an awesome track and deliver what promises to be an amazing performance at Budweiser Made in America Festival.”

Alex Da Kid, founder and label head of KIDinaKORNER Records where both X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons are signed, will co-direct the series and produce and guide the busker band through the remaking of the track exclusively for MADE Underground. The hand-picked band will re-record a special version of the artists’ summer anthem entitled “Jungle” which has already been re-rubbed by Jay Z.

Episodes from the series will be rolled out in the coming weeks: London on August 4, New York on August 12, Philadelphia on August 19 and Rio on August 26. The series will then feature two episodes around the band’s first rehearsal in LA and then finally their performance at the 2014 Budweiser Made in America Festival. The 2014 Budweiser Made in America Festival, curated by Jay Z in support of the United Way, will continue to play a major role in the global Budweiser Made for Music platform. It will once again celebrate the artists, makers and creators that leave an indelible mark on pop culture and the spirit that drives them to greatness.

FutureMusic asked Camilo Durana, Budweiser’s Global Director, Sports and Entertainment, to elaborate on the dynamic promotional endeavor, which will also include Rihanna later this year.

FutureMusic: Can you please take us back to the genesis of this endeavor? How and when did Budweiser get involved, and who came up with the concept for MADE Underground?

Mr. Durana: Music is truly a universal language and a cultural mainstay that inspires millions of people across the globe. For Budweiser, MADE for Music is all about the desire to achieve your dreams and to continually perfect your craft. This campaign celebrates that desire, and we hope that by giving global music fans access to some of the most unique and innovative musicians, artists and creators, it will serve as an inspiration to fans around the world to get out there and make it happen. We came up with MADE Underground in collaboration with VICE to truly celebrate music’s ability to transcend cultural barriers, highlight some of the passionate performers of the underground music scene and further the impact of the Budweiser Made in America Festival. MADE for Music provides unique access to those who are making their mark on pop culture and reinforcing the “can do” spirit of Budweiser – from icons like JAY Z and Rihanna to up and coming talent like Jamie N Commons and X Ambassadors to undiscovered music talent like underground performers from around the world.

FutureMusic: In the constantly changing landscape of music in the new millennium, what is Budweiser’s promotional strategy and how are you looking for return on investment?

Mr. Durana: Budweiser strives to play a role in pop culture by bringing consumers closer to it and enhancing their experiences along the way. We have always had a deep and long standing relationship with music beginning in the 1970’s with Budweiser Superfest which in its more than two decade run featured some of the brightest stars, including headliners such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and many other musical legends. In 1989 to 1990, Budweiser was the official sponsor of the Rolling Stones “Steel Wheels” World Tour. In 2012, JAY Z, Budweiser, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey and Live Nation partnered together to present the “Budweiser Made in America Festival” which represents excellence, artistry and the American spirit. Through our MADE for Music global campaign, we aim to continue this legacy in music and make a concerted effort to support the culture of music as a global unifier. Music is a way of life and a source of inspiration for all. Music not only brings back memories, but it helps create new ones – so does Budweiser. Both Budweiser and music bring people together physically and emotionally.

FutureMusic: How did Budweiser select the X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons and Alex Da Kid as collaborators for this endeavor?

Mr. Durana: Given that it is important for us to deliver access to all types of musicians to our music fans around the world, we wanted to highlight up and coming talent like Jamie N Commons and X Ambassadors who are just starting their journey with their hit single and summer anthem, “Jungle”. Jamie actually started as a street performer in London and his energetic song with X Ambassadors is getting global awareness, so we knew they would be perfect for the job. Alex Da Kid, founder and label head of KIDinaKORNER Records where both X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons are signed, was brought on to co-produce the series. Since he produced the original version of “Jungle”, he helped in the selection of the band and will work with them to create a unique remake of the track exclusively for MADE Underground. He knows best how to bring together all these different sounds and styles from the underground performers. The hand-picked band will then perform that new version at the Budweiser Made in America Festival on Labor Day Weekend.

FutureMusic: Will MADE Underground be a series, or is this just a onetime endeavor?

Mr. Durana: There aren’t any plans at this moment to continue the series post-festival. However, there will be some great content capturing the band’s first rehearsal and studio session with Alex Da Kid along with their once-in-a-lifetime performance at BMIA. Budweiser is committed to the long-term support of music worldwide. If it’s not a continuation of MADE Underground, it will be another meaningful series utilizing our platforms to support musicians and bringing fans closer to the creative process and the artists that inspire them.

The Future: We’d love to see a remix contest featuring the stems from the Busker Sessions

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Author: FutureMusic

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