Zenhiser Transformer FX 2 Review

Zenhiser’s new Transformer FX 2 sample pack is a followup to their successful initial offering and features 630 new scolding effects, transitions, stingers, ramp ups, meltdowns, and other assorted mechanical mayhem. As usual, Zenhiser packages this all up neatly for you in folders, which attempts to categorize these excursions into electroshock therapy. Reviewer’s reactions in quotes below.

Zenhiser Transformer FX 2 Review

Great for Dubstep, Drum ‘n’ Bass and sound designers, all the samples are 24 bit / 96 kHz affairs with “depth and clarity” that “surpasses many other collections currently available.” The sequel contains a new set of Robotic sounds that one of our reviewers found to be “great for slicing and dicing to create your own bangin’ drum kits.” The sounds are “very versatile” with enough choices to go from “creating a mindbending track intro” or “powering down for a drop into a breakdown” to “use in a cinematic soundscape for your latest horror project.”

Features & Specifications:
» 35 Power Hits
» 10 Soundcapes
» 15 Power Downs
» 10 Power Ups
» 20 Reverses
» 60 Robot: Fire, Punches, Ricochets, Hits
» 45 Robot: Mutate 1
» 50 Robot: Mutate 2
» 40 Robot: Mutate 3
» 215 Robot: Transform Multis
» 105 Robot: Transform Singles
» 25 Robotic: Voice

Big Fun

“Big fun can be had by combining and/or chaining the effects together to build compelling stories,” as well as “exploring the stereo soundstage.” With 846MB of files to choose from, most musicians, sound designers, and DJs can find action that’s suitable for their needs. All this audio lovin’ does come at a price, €37 / $48 / £32, which is not cheap by today’s standards and may push potential customers off the target, but as they say, you get what you pay for…

                                                                                                                             » FutureMusic Rating: 90%


+ Sound Quality

+ Versatility

+ Organization


– Price

Off The Record:

“Essential!”   —Randall Jackson

“Brilliant work, a must for Dubstep DJs looking for extra flavors.”   —DJ Fly

“A little too much dosh for me…”   —Justin Martin

Zenhiser Transformer FX 2

Author: FutureMusic

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