Worst Headphone Endorsement Deal Ever?

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Folks!

In what could be the worst endorsement/co-branded electronics product deal ever, SOUL Electronics brings you the Tim Tebow Headphones. (Notice how they’re not in New York Jets Green… —Ed.) The Tim Tebow – SOUL Electronics – limited edition SL300 headphones, are “handpicked and inspired by the football great” and are “a game-changer in the personal audio industry.” Oh, that’s just painful…
Tim Tebow - Worst Endorsement Deal Ever?
“Tim Tebow exemplifies strength and perseverance. We wanted to capture these qualities in his signature headphones, and develop a world-class headphone inspired by a world-class athlete,” says Lan Kennedy-Davis, CEO of SOUL Electronics USA. “This series goes beyond great music…for us; it’s about achieving greatness, and Tim Tebow stands for greatness.” Really?? He was just CUT from the Jets…

For many athletes, like Tebow, music is an escape from the daily grind and the pressures of a big game. Great music can put these athletes in the zone guiding them to a place of focus and preparedness. The SL300 couples Tebow’s headphone desires with SOUL’s core values, which include superior sound in an attractive design.

After crouching down in prayer (AKA “Tebowing”) and receiving advice from the heavens above, Tebow handpicked the blue and white colors in his signature series. The exterior is a sleek monocoque design with no exposed hinges, and the SOUL badge on the ear cups illuminate.

Noise-cancellation technology creates a unique, fully isolating audio experience blocking out the extraneous, unwanted noise of the surrounding world, such as the din of sports critics. Developed by a military engineer, who holds patents on noise-cancellation technology, the SL300 are the only headphones on the market that will continue to work in a passive mode if the battery runs out of power.

Advanced driver and circuitry design ensures superb bass, clear mids and highs to create high precision audio balance. Full ear cup articulation ensures the best and most comfortable fit every time for a longer listening experience. The SL300 by Tim Tebow includes a tangle-free audio cable with an Apple in-line controller that will not short out because it is sweat resistant. A standard tangle-free audio cable is also included in the package. The headphones can be folded for easy storage and portability.

The SOUL SL300 by Tim Tebow retails for a substantial $299.95.

The Future: Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. Why stop at headphones Tim?? How about the Tim Tebow branded Taser? Tagline: “Don’t Tas Me, Teee-BRO!”


Author: FutureMusic

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