Mixware Unleashes The Electrix Tweaker

Mixware has partnered with Livid Instruments to release the Electrix Tweaker, a new performance MIDI controller. Gathering a wide variety of controls elements in a compact portable design, the control surface includes a 32-button grid, velocity sensitive pads, push encoders with LED rings, in a two channel DJ mixer style interface, with super bright multi color LED feedback.


» 2 Channel DJ mixer style interface
» 32 Button grid with multicolor LED feedback
» 8 Backlit velocity sensitive pads with aftertouch
» 6 Push encoders with LED rings
» Intuitive navigation controls with 5-way selector and large push encoder
» USB bus powered
» MIDI In and Out ports
» Removable height extension legs
» Plug and play on Mac and PC
» Dimensions: 11″ x 10.5″ x 1.75″ (279mm x 267mm x 44.5mm)
» Includes: Traktor LE 2 DJ Software with overlay; Ableton Live Remote Script with overlay; Traktor Pro and Serato Scratch Live mappings
» Tweaker Editor Software
» Removable legs

Although highly customizable, this universal MIDI controller includes a bundle of software and mappings to get you going right away. Tweaker ships with Traktor LE 2 and includes mappings for Traktor Pro 2, so you can start mixing records in minutes using just a Tweaker and your laptop. Use the velocity pads for expressive effects control, the grid to trigger hot cues and loops, and the multi function encoders for EQing, beatjumping and much more, all with extensive multicolored visual feedback.

A Remote Script is included to enable Ableton Live to natively support the Tweaker. Tweaker has two session views for independent control and navigation of clips and the mixer. The button grid enables launching and stopping clips, and features a session shift button for an additional layer of control. The drum pads are mapped to the drum rack and can be transposed to access up to 64 drum rack pads. The Mixer controls Volume, EQ and Devices, Solo, Arm Recording, Crossfader A/B Assign, and the Crossfader.

Add Tweaker to your Serato Scratch Live rig for the total control. The navigation section is used to browse the crates and library, load tracks, and create instant doubles. The button grid is used to trigger hot cues and loops. The velocity pads control the SP6 sampler and the encoders control the DJFX unit. The two vertical faders are used as pitch faders for internal mode. Combined with instant doubles, it enables you to mix a set with just one turntable and a Tweaker.

The Tweaker Editor provides a complete interface for modifying the settings and controls of the Tweaker. While the Tweaker provides a lot of capability without ever changing its settings, many users will want to explore its full potential as a controller for various software and hardware platforms. The editor also creates preset files that are stored on your computer, to extend the preset possibilities and share setups with others.


Removable legs are included to match traditional DJ gear. With the legs installed, the Tweaker is the same height as DJ turntables and mixers. The Tweaker is USB Class Compliant in both Mac OS and Windows, and does not require any MIDI drivers for either platform. An additional set MIDI I/O ports are provided to connect other devices.

Electrix’s Tweaker is available now for $399.


Author: FutureMusic

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