AudioSpillage Premiers Elecktroid Drum Machine

AudioSpillage has released Elecktroid, a drum machine AU plug-in for Mac combining both drum synthesis and sample playback facilities.

Elecktroid blends synthesis and sample playback facilities in a simple integrated package. Combine the depth and power of drum synthesis alongside your existing sample collections and sync both to a brand new rhythm oriented step sequencer. Elecktroid contains four drum synthesis models: BassDrum, WoodDrum, HiHat and Snare. The drum synths are 100% algorithmic and utilize high quality DSP code for a claimed “deep, powerful and punchy sound.”

Elecktroid also features a low CPU sample playback engine. Quickly load your existing sample collection into Elecktroid via the drag and drop interface. Elecktroid offers velocity cross-fading facilities between 2 samples per pad and accepts WAV, AIFF and CAF format files.

The new rhythm-oriented step-sequencer ties the package together offering custom track lengths and step trigger probability controls on every track. Elecktroid’s sequencer is a resolution-independent design so patterns play at the correct tempo regardless of step length (e.g. 16th, 32nd). The sequencer also features graphic velocity and parameter control graph editing.

» 8 drum pads
» 8 sequencer tracks
» 24 MIDI playable patterns
» Full velocity and parameter control graph editing
» Assign trigger-probability value to any sequencer step
» Humanize and groove quantize control
» 4 drum synthesis models (BassDrum, SnareDrum, WoodDrum and Hi-Hat)
» 1 sample and 1 drum synth per pad
» Or 2 samples per pad (without the synth)
» Velocity cross-fade between sample and synth (or between 2 samples)
» 8 sound outputs
» Distortion, filter and lo-fi FX on each pad
» 2 LFOs (6 waveforms) per pad
» 3 ADSR envelopes per pad
» 64-bit DSP processing

AudioSpillage’s Elecktroid is available now for $55 / £35 / €45.


Author: FutureMusic

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