Pro Tools: Surround Sound Mixing Second Edition Book Released

Hal Leonard Books has published Pro Tools: Surround Sound Mixing – Second Edition by Rich Tozzoli. This new edition is updated with the latest information on monitoring and controlling sound, preparing a mix, recording in surround, using software plug-in, mastering in surround, and marketing your mixing skills.
pro tools surround sound mixing 2nd Edition
This essential guide takes readers through all the steps needed to record, mix, and produce multichannel music with Avid (formerly Digidesign) Pro Tools. It covers preproduction, recording, setup, mixing, and delivery of surround music, and explains how to use Pro Tools to deliver mixes for DVD, HDTV, Blu-ray and SACD.

Pro Tools: Surround Sound Mixing discusses encoding mixes for Dolby Digital and DTS, mixing to picture, and the strengths of the Pro Tools platform. In addition, the included DVD provides audio examples of the concepts illustrated in the book, and interviews with professionals working in the multichannel business round out the instruction.

Pro Tools: Surround Sound Mixing includes up-to-date information on:
» Monitoring and controlling surround sound
» Preparing a final mix
» Multichannel mixing
» Software plug-ins and surround-related hardware
» Mastering surround tracks
» Additional surround outlets such as game production
» 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 formats, including those for Blu-ray and SDDS
» The latest additions and changes in Pro Tools 9

Pro Tools: Surround Sound Mixing also contains multiple interviews with notable audio professionals for further insight as well as pictures, diagrams, and screen shots to help the reader grasp complex concepts.

Pro Tools: Surround Sound Mixing retails for $40 and is available now via Amazon at a discount.

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