G-Sonique Releases Ultrabass MX4/4 Acid Synth Plug-In For Windows

G-Sonique has released Ultrabass MX4/4, a virtual “acid” synthesizer module plug-in for Windows. Ultrabass is a new bass synthesizer for “Four on the floor” dance music styles that requires a tweaky bassline.
Based on G-Sonique’s Alien303 DNA, a synthesizer known for its ability to create fast basslines without any unwanted clicks or artifacts. Comparing to classic analogue and virtual analog/digital synthesizers, the sound of ultrabass’ digital oscillators (based on Alien303 technology) is precise, linear and sharp like a Swiss knife which makes them ideal for electronic 4/4 musics fast basslines, without any analog artifacts like arbitrary de-tuning, phase, shape and amplitude effecting it’s stability. But the sound of Ultrabass is fat and massive like real analogue thanks to it’s analogue filters, bass saturation unit and other features.

While Alien303 was limited in parameters and various sound possibilities, the new Ultrabass unit offers full bassline creative power. You can create almost every type of electronic bassline, from fat and massive two oscillator hardstyle basses, to light and floating, energetic or percussive basslines.

Many new parameters that many producers requested for Alien30 were added, like a second oscillator (dual mode), phase of oscillator control, oscillator spread, new oscillator types and waveforms, a second filter that can work in serial or parallel in a multi-mix mode. An individual envelope for amplitude and another for filter, many new types of analog and hardware DSP filters added for various styles and colors of basslines. A bass boost/analog saturation unit for heavy, fat and massive basses, and many new features. If you liked Alien303 then the new Ultrabass has 3x more options and 3x more power.

» Single / Dual oscillator(s) that can work in two selectable modes. With octave and semitone control as well as fine and an oscillator phase micro-control knob.
» Two oscillators with 15 shapes (Analogue saw, Digital saw, Saw HB, Saw DB, Analogue ramp, Digital ramp, Digital square, Square, Pulse, Multipulse 1, Multipulse2, Multisaw1, Multisaw2, Vintage saw)
» Two filter modules that can work in serial or parallel multi-mix mode:
» Filter MODULE1 with 4 analogue sounding liquid low pass filters:
— G-Low pass,
— Low pass (classic)
— Vintage analog low pass
— 303 low pass with cutoff, resonance, input volume and envelope amount knobs
» Filter MODULE2 with 9 Analog sounding liquid filters with G-Filters, a series modeled after codes from DSP chips of hardware synthesizers and an analogue low pass with a creamy sound modeled after vintage hardware keyboards/synths:
— G-Low pass
— G-Band pass
— G-High pass
— Low Pass
— High Pass
— Band Pass
— Band Reject
— Peaking
— Analogue low pass
— All with cutoff, resonance and envelope amount knob together with a fast on/off switch.
» Fast linear Amplitude envelopes (attack, decay, sustain, release) without any unwanted CLICKS and ARTIFACTS that are often present when you are trying to make fast 4/4 bass with classic synthesizers.
» Fast linear Filter envelopes (attack, decay, sustain) without any unwanted CLICKS and ARTIFACTS that are often present when you are trying to make fast 4/4 bass with classic synthesizers.
» Non-Linear Saturation Unit with „main saturation knob“, Analog based amplifier section
» Bass boost / Analog saturation unit to add fat, heavy and massive sound to your bassline. With parameters like freq. and q (bandwidth) to set low frequency range that will be boosted, and soft enh., saturation and vol. of saturation parameters to set amount and color of saturation/bass boosting.
» Preset manager with more than 76 professional presets in categories bass, deep, psytrance basses

G-Sonique’s Ultrabass is available no for an introductory price €18.90 instead of €26.90.


Author: FutureMusic

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