Brainworx / Vertigo Release VSC-2 Compressor Plug-in

Brainworx and Vertigo have collaborated on a new quad discrete VCA compressor plug-in for Mac and PC. The VSC-2 is Vertigo’s first plug-in release, made in close cooperation with Brainworx. The VSC-2 plug-in claims to “capture all the fine nuances of this $6000 flagship VCA compressor.”
The VSC-2 Quad Discrete Compressor is so named because it uses 4 VCAs built by hand using only discrete components. Its design is a nod toward the best VCA based compressors of the 70s and 80s.

The Vertigo VCA is in fact named 1979. Some of the best features of the “classic” Compressors have been complimented in the VSC. This classic based sound is combined with a modern mastering grade signal path. Some unique and innovative features lie beneath the bonnet, such as the ratio which increases with level in “Soft” mode. Its precision makes the VSC-2 a first choice for mastering applications and the stereo mix bus.

Although the VSC-2 was developed as a Stereo Bus Compressor each channel provides a complete set of controls which also provides the VSC-2 a with dual mono action. The VSC-2 plugin offers the same flexibility and precision in the stereo version, and to emulate the dual mono approach of the hardware we have developed a true mono version of the plug-in as well.

The Brainworx / Vertigo VSC-2 costs €199 and is available now.

Brainworx / Vertigo

Author: FutureMusic

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