en&is Debuts MegaPhone – Passive Ceramic iPhone Dock

So sorry, but this is not the new Alphorn you were hoping your folks were going to stuff in your Christmas Stocking…
en&is megaphone
en&is has debuted the MegaPhone, a new passive ceramic amplifier for the iPhone. That’s right, just when you thought that the last thing the world needed was yet another iPhone dock, these lads have unleashed this puppy. It’s smaller than you think, but each one of these horns is hand-made to order and you can even get your bling on with the gold plated version.
en&is megaphone
The MegaPhone simply promotes the sound coming from the iPhone’s bottom speakers thanks to the principles of acoustic amplification. The MegaPhone comes with a rubber-mounted, wooden stand to isolate vibration.

The MegaPhone is said to be compatible with the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and will set you back €400 for the Black and White version. The Gold plated version bumps the price to €600. Note: You can purchase it in the US.

The Future: Come on Dr. Dre, how about a Beats version in red??


Author: FutureMusic

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