Antelope Audio Announces Eclipse 384 – Clocking, Conversion, Monitoring

Antelope has announced the Eclipse 384 a new do-it-all box from the clocking concern that provides advanced clocking, A/D and D/A conversion and flexible monitoring.
The attractive 384 combines everything Antelope has developed thus far into an all-in-one, 2 unit rack. It features 64-bit DSP Trinity clocking via an 0.001 PPM Oven-controlled oscillator, 384 kHz A/D and D/A converters with a wide dynamic range (up to 129 dB) and two bypassable A/D inserts, and three sets of switchable monitor outs with LFE output bass management, relay attenuators matched to 0.05 dB, talkback and cue mix functions.

The Eclipse will also come with a software control panel for the Mac/PC/Linux platforms for parameter and preset management.

Although aimed squarely at mastering engineers, the Eclipse 384 will also find itself embraced by studios and engineers who have high regard for Antelope’s technology.

The Antelope Eclipse 384 will sell for around $7000.


Author: FutureMusic

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