Omelet App Turns You Into An Ass Onstage

The end of the world is upon us…

We wish this was a joke, but sadly it isn’t. Pattern & Noise actually created an app that turns the iPhone into one of those egg shakers. The Omelet – get it? – is an egg shaker for the iPhone and iPod touch. Utilizing the motion data from the iPhone’s accelerometer, Omelet is “able to respond to every movement of the user from the slightest roll to the quickest shake.”

Don’t be that guy!

Omelet also comes with two original built-in effects that can be used individually or together. Mu is a unique resonating effect capable of generating a range of evocative sounds and textures. Its rich yet subtle tones vary from scratchy, wood-like sounds to eerie metallic ringing sounds reminiscent of Tibetan singing bowls. Blue Room follows in the tradition of classic 60s echo chamber effects – simulating anything from tight corridors to cavernous spaces. Go easy for a softer sound while jamming along with your iPod, or “crank it up and be transported to soundscapes from another world.” (Yeah, a world of pain when you actually use this in public… —Ed.)

» Volume and mute controls
» Automatic locking in portrait orientation to prevent accidental changes while playing
» Multitasking support for jamming with your iPod
» Two sample banks
» One to maximize volume while playing through the built-in speakers
» Another with greater dynamic range while playing through the headphone jack
» Optimized for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch (3rd & 4th generation)
» Ability to turn anyone into an jackass who actually uses this to “perform”

Pattern & Noise’s Omelet App costs $1.99 / £1.49 and is available now via iTunes.


Author: FutureMusic

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