VB Audio Announces MT128 Software – Live Performance, Multitrack Player/Recorder Software Solution

Vincent Burel has announced that after two years of intensive real-life testing, his company, VB Audio is proud to announce that their MT128 software is now ready for prime time and available to equipment makers and service providers in the fields of entertainment, radio, television, and special events.
vb audio mt128
The MT128 is a player-recorder with 128 digital audio tracks ideal for stressful environments thanks to a unique graphical user interface compatible with a touch screen. The MT128 is especially adapted to live recordings, rehearsals, continuous recording on TV sets, storage, digitizing audio material, and many other applications.

The MT128 project began in 2005 when it became clear that there was no recording software on the market adapted to operational situations and intensive environments. VB paid careful attention to comments from sound engineers regarding overly complicated audio software unsuited to managing a large number of tracks and other constraints. This led the concern to launch a project to develop a digital audio 128-track player-recorder driven by a simple, efficient graphical user interface on a touch screen.

VB Audio

Author: FutureMusic

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