Waves Audio Introduces H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer

Waves Audio has announced the H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer, a plug-in for mixing and mastering, featuring vintage and modern EQ inspired by the finest British and American consoles.
Waves H-EQ
Included are seven different filter types per band: US Vintage, UK Vintage 1, UK Vintage 2, US Modern, UK Modern, Digital 1 and Digital 2, in addition to a newly-developed, asymmetrical bell filter. A keyboard graphic lets users choose frequencies by clicking on notes, and an exclusive MS Mode allows users to apply different EQ to Mid and Side content. Also featured is a flexible real-time frequency spectrum analyzer with multiple display options.

Waves H-EQ Controls:
» Input Fader controls the signal input level.
» EQ Modes: Stereo/Linked, Dual/Unlinked, MS Mode
» EQ Filters: HP, LF, LMF, MF, HMF, HF, LP
» Analog Type toggles between analog characteristic types.
» Analog Level controls the level of the combined noise and hum.
» THD Level controls the level of harmonic distortion added to the signal
» Keyboard lets users choose frequencies by clicking on notes.
» Analyzer presents a real-time graphical display of the input signal, output signal or both, as well as the EQ curve.
» Analyzer In displays the input signal, post-input fader.
» Analyzer Out displays the output signal, post-output fader.
» L/M turns on the display of the left side only in Stereo mode, or the M in M/S mode.
» R/S turns on the display of the right side only in Stereo mode, or the S in M/S mode.
» Freeze stops the frequency graph.
» Peak Hold stops the frequency graph at its highest peak point.
» Analyzer Scale displays the energy level measured by the analyzer.
» EQ Scale displays the EQ curve being applied to the signal.
» Band Markers allow users to manipulate the EQ bands using the band markers.
» Output fader controls signal output level.
» Phase flips the phase of the signal by 180 degrees.
» Trim displays the maximum peak level of the output signal and its distance from 0 dBFS.

Waves H-EQ is available now at a special intro price of Native $99/ TDM $149. It is also available at no additional charge to owners of Waves Mercury with current Waves Update Plan coverage.


Author: FutureMusic

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