Native Instruments Announces Maschine Mikro, Maschine 1.7 & iMaschine App

Native Instruments has announced Maschine Mikro, an affordable, entry-level on ramp into the world of its excellent groove production system. By combining the full-featured Maschine software with a streamlined and compact controller, Maschine Mikro makes the acclaimed tactile and intuitive music creation approach of MASCHINE available at a significantly reduced physical footprint and price. At the same time, the new 1.7 software version provides advanced integration with the instruments and effects in the Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate bundle both for Maschine and Maschine Mikro users.
maschine mikro
Maschine Mikro is centered around a portable controller that provides hands-on control of the central Maschine features at two-thirds of the size and weight of the full-sized hardware. Utilizing a single display and a dynamically assigned high-resolution master encoder to enable its compact footprint, the bus-powered Mikro controller retains the distinctive full-sized 4×4 matrix of pressure-sensitive, dynamically backlit Maschine drum pads.
Native Instruments Maschine Mikro
Maschine Mikro includes the full-featured Maschine software with its versatile pattern-based live and step sequencing, VST and AU plug-in hosting, real-time audio recording, sample editing and advanced multi-effects. The Mikro version also contains the full 6 GB Maschine sound library, expandable with the series of Maschine Expansions, as well as the free Komplete Elements sound collection. With the new 1.7 software version, both Maschine products now also benefit from advanced integration with Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate, providing advanced sound browsing and parameter mapping for all instruments and effects contained in the bundle.

To further complement the growing Maschine product range, Native Instruments is also about to release iMaschine, an iOS software that brings intuitive groove creation to the iPhone and iPod touch platform. With four tracks, audio sampling, high-quality effects and an expandable arsenal of professional instruments and drum sounds from the regular Maschine library, iMaschine allows users to sketch grooves on the go, and later transfer them into the full Maschine software for detailed editing and arrangement. iMaschine is planned for release through the Apple App Store in October.
NI iMaschine
The Future: Great move by Native, and just in time for the Holiday’s, to ratchet up their sales figures. The smaller version works not only as an entry-level model for new customers, but also for seasoned Maschine veterans who may want an even smaller model for performance or “on the move” duties. We secretly wish that NI will address “on location” beat-making by developing an all-in-one, battery-powered Maschine model that can run on it’s own, without the need for a laptop (think MPC500 or Tha BeatThang) but that may be a moot point with today’s smaller laptops.
The Mikro should street close to $300, which makes it very easy for users to enter the Native ecosystem. If NI continues to make Maschine the focus of its gear solar system, as we predicted when it first bowed, we can’t wait to see it blossom into a full-on DAW with a distinctive Native mind-set.

Native Instruments’ Maschine Mikro will be available in October for a suggested retail price of $399 / €349. Maschine 1.7 is out now. iMaschine will debut in October, no price has been announced.

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Author: FutureMusic

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