Numark Readies NDX900 MP3/CD/USB Player & DJ Controller

Numark is taking the wraps off their new NDX900 MP3/CD/USB player / DJ Controller. The new do it all DJ gizmo will officially be announced tomorrow at Summer NAMM, but Numark wanted to get first dibs on the hype hamster wheel. Based upon their NDX800 controller, the NDX900 DJ controller is capable of mixing music from virtually any digital source including a computer, CDs, MP3 CDs, or even USB flash drives. NDX900 has a recognizable layout with a large, seven-inch touch-sensitive illuminated platter, frontloading CD drive, top-facing USB DJ controller port, remixing, looping, and sampling capabilities, all in a chassis that has a solid feel.

Numark NDX900

» USB-MIDI DJ Controller with CD/MP3/USB player
» Control software and play from CDs, MP3 CDs, or USB flash drives
» Built-in USB computer audio interface
» Includes Traktor 2 LE DJ Software
» Premapped for use with Virtual DJ, Traktor, and compatible with virtually all MIDI compatible DJ software.
» Beat-synced DSP effects with wet-dry fader: chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan, phaser
» Smooth, fast, reliable, slot-loading drive
» Large, seven-inch, touch-sensitive illuminated platter with auto-calibration
» Control MIDI software with no timecode needed via USB
» Automatic BPM analyzer and Tap tempo for manual BPM entry
» Adjust pitch ±6, 12, 25, and 100%, or bend with pitch buttons
» Key Lock holds pitch while you independently manipulate BPM
» Seamless looping, sampling, and easily accessible hot cues
» Large, backlit display for BPM, CD/MP3 text tags, and folder navigation

NDX900’s built-in audio interface works plug-and-play, allowing DJs to seamlessly integrate NDX900 with practically any computer and control virtually any DJ software. No drivers or external sound cards are required. With two NDX900s and a mixer of choice, DJs have a powerful and versatile digital DJ rig. NDX900’s Beat-synced DSP effects include chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan, and phaser. NDX900 includes Traktor LE 2 DJ Software and comes premapped for use with a variety of DJ software including Virtual DJ and is compatible with almost any MIDI compatible DJ software.

No pricing or availability has been announced.

Numark NDX900

Author: FutureMusic

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