Reactable Announces Mobile App For Android

Reactable has announced a mobile app for the Android platform. Reactable mobile is a versatile synthesizer that allows you to generate, play and process your own sound samples and audio input. Change the sound as it flows with a great variety of effects and filters. Generate melodies with the sequencer modules. Load and store your sessions and share them with your friends. A complete and flexible live performance instrument with professional audio quality in your pocket.

The Reactable Mobile is now part of the ever growing range of products which use the Android platform. With this version of Reactable Mobile dozens of Smart phones and Tablets with various sizes and features can be converted into a portable music making tool for musicians, DJ’s and sound artists. It is also one of the first music applications which have a version for Android tablets as well as for Apples iPad.

reactable mobile for android

Reactable Systems is the company founded by the same team which six years ago created the Reactable. It is a spin-off of the Music Technology Group at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona, one of the world’s largest and most recognized research lab in music and audio. The company’s mission is to redefine the ideas of conventional Human-Computer Interaction by developing interactive technologies and entertainment products. Our products will focus on the development of creativity and the mediation of culture and knowledge, with a special emphasis on musical creation.

Reactable Mobile

Author: FutureMusic

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