DJ TechTools Unleashes The MIDI Fighter Pro Controller

DJ TechTools has announced the Midi Fighter Pro arcade-button-fueled MIDI controller from Ean Golden. The “Pro” denotion refers to the addition of a couple of faders, knobs and buttons in four configurations.


The Pro series adds analog controls with mapping integration for the inner controllerist that’s been waiting to break out, but don’t have enough funds to save up for Moldover’s Mojo. Golden states, “for those who want to connect a controller to Serato or Ableton, the built in super fader functionality is clutch. They allow anyone to create amazing effects combos right out of the box without diving into Bomes coding or advanced MIDI mapping. If you are looking for a super unique and powerful MIDI instrument, the Midi Fighter Pro is hard to beat.”

» Robust metal casing
» Chip proof surface
» High performance arcade buttons
» Bright blue LEDs
» MIDI controllable mode buttons
» Rugged faders and knobs
» Smooth high performance surface
» Analog controls send super knob values out of the box
» Digital buttons send super combo values out of the box
» Weight: 3 Pounds
» Dimensions: 6? (W) X 10? (L) X 1.75? D
» Communication: MIDI over USB (bus powered)
» Mac and Windows Class compliant drivers
» Trade in program for existing Midi Fighter owners
» Ships with: Certificate of Authenticity, USB Cable, Free Mappings Available

There are four configurations to choose from…

Designed to be used with Traktor Pro, the Beat Masher offers the a Deckalized/Instant Gratification combo with two dueling cross faders, one filter knob and four preset buttons. Each cross fader connects to three effects, interacting with each other in very interesting and mind-bending ways! The four buttons directly load effects groupings that are then controlled by the faders. Just click the preset, and start cranking the faders! Our powerful mapping does all the boring work of routing, effects settings, loading, and wet/dry tuning so you can focus on rocking the party.

The XX Fader promises to finally bridge controllerism and turntablism into one amazing possibility. This controller is intended to be used by turntablists on the right side of their turntable. Each super cross fader not only cuts in the signal of that deck, but then fades in two effects all in one motion, creating never heard before next level scratch/cut combos. The four buttons set the scratch effect presets and the two knobs control the dry/wet for each fader. Watch for the mapping and video demonstrating this innovative concept in a few weeks time.

The Cue Master is my personal workhorse and can be heard in this video with QBert. Two expression faders are connected to several effects, modulating the cue points, and turning a regular deck into a next level DJ instrument! One knob is used for a filter and the other is a dedicated Echo send. The mapping and full on performance video will also be published next week.

The Super Knob controller was designed with three unique purposes in mind:
» As a Serato controller for easy access of cue points, effects racks, and the sampler
» As an all in one Traktor controller for super basic internal mixing of four decks
» As a controller for two sample decks in Traktor Pro

As you probably learned with our VCI-100SE, one of the most valuable things we offer is continued mapping support. Over the coming months we will release official mappings for all of these controllers and then iteratively develop them (with your help) for years to come.

The Midi Fighter Classic is not being discontinued and will be supported/improved for years to come.

The DJ TechTools’ Midi Fighter Pro costs $349 ($249 with Midi Fighter Classic trade-in) and is available now.

DJ TechTools

Author: FutureMusic

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