Stanton For Sale

The Stanton Group Is For Sale

ML Capital has put the Stanton Group up for sale. The announcement was formally made just prior to the NAMM show.

ML is preferably looking to unload the Stanton Group from their portfolio as a single entity, but, according to sources, they are willing to break up the company and sell off each brand. KRK, the “gem” of the concern and the real money maker, is reportedly worth 80% of the entire group sale price.

Although ML is not looking to conduct a fire sale, they have to be realistic on their chances of receiving premium prices for Stanton Magnetics due to past performance. Stanton Magnetics, lost their top sales executive, failed to unleash any dynamic products at the NAMM show and they’re about to significantly drop the prices of their SCS.3 lineup.

Although the view from Mount Cerwin-Vega is better, it is reportedly not anything to write home about…

The Future: Jack? Oh, Jack??!


  1. Gay Zombie /

    My god……did someone from Stanton kill your grandmother at some point? Honestly, I come here for gear news, and instead see very little in the way of actual gear scoops being posted up, instead finding this raging hard on you have for taking Stanton down popping up every other week. What is your problem?

    • We have absolutely nothing against Stanton. There are some tremendous people who currently work there or have worked there in the past. However, Stanton has made some grave product development and marketing mistakes that has damaged their brand and hurt consumers. When these instances occur, we report.

      As a happy member of the undead, you may only require one of their CD players to get off, but if you spent over $1000 for a SCS.1 controller and it’s never worked properly, you may find that you too have a raging one…
      Here’s a typical post form Stanton’s own forum: Just got SCS1D – Hmmmmm

  2. flavaflo /

    Wow! Great stuff. FutureMusic has become the TechCrunch of the music industry!! But I have to ask who’s Jack?

  3. Gay Zombie /

    Jack O’donnell, owner of Numark. The guy makes a biz out of taking distressed companies, buying their name and “Numark-ing” them.