Korg Announces Kaoss Quad Processor

Korg has entered a new model into the Kaoss Pad lineup dubbed the Quad.

Korg Kaoss Quad

» Color LED touchpad illuminations move in sync with your performance
» Control multiple effects in realtime using the intuitive Kaoss X-Y touchpad
» Create your own Kaoss combinations and use up to four effects at once
» Choose one of five effects from each of four effect groups; a total of 1,295 combinations!
» Freeze button holds the effect settings after you release your finger, for dazzling hands-free use
» Versatile and highly playable effects control, delivering unimaginable expression
» New Looper effects – Forward, Reverse and Slice – add new audio intensity
» Mix it up with new DJ emulation Vinyl Break and Ducking Compressor effects
» Auto BPM engine detection and Tap Tempo functions keep your Kaoss locked to the beat (but no MIDI in… —Ed.)

As suggested by the name “Quad”, this new Kaoss Pad lets you use up to four effects simultaneously. These effects can be sync’d to the beat of your music, via audio beat detection and not MIDI.

More information on the Korg Kaoss Quad.

Author: FutureMusic

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