2CAudio Unleashes Perfect Storm Bundle

2CAudio has unleashed the Perfect Storm Bundle for Mac and PC. The bundle consists of Aether, Breeze, the Aether Integrity Expansion and the Aether Creativity Expansion.

Aether is a self-modulating algorithmic reverb. Breeze is a more user-friendly version of Aether’ and Aether Integrity Expansion is a collection of 160 presets for Aether focusing on halls, chambers, rooms, churches, and small instrument spaces.

The Aether Creativity Expansion is a collection of 150 presets for Aether focusing on thematic presets, huge spaces, and FX which are designed to elicit an emotional respons.

2CAudio Perfect Storm Bundle costs $349.95 and is available now in the RTAS and AU flavors. More information on 2CAudio Perfect Storm Bundle.

Author: FutureMusic

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