Critter & Guitari Release Pocket Piano – Micro FM Synth

Critter and Guitari has released the Pocket Piano, a hand-built FM mono synthesizer for only $175. (Can you say Circuit Bending kids? I knew you could! —Ed.) The PP features keys made of wooden buttons, an internal speaker, arpeggiator and a harmonic sweeper all housed in an aluminum chassis.

Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano

» Mono FM Synth
» Vibrato Synth
» Harmonic Sweeper
» Two-Octave Arpeggiator
» Octave Cascade
» FM Arpeggiator
» 9V battery powered

The Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano costs $175 and is available now. More information on the Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano.

Author: FutureMusic

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