Marshall Set To Announce New Headphones

Marshall is getting into the headphone business. The noted amp-maker is about to take the wraps off a new pair of cans for your hard rock listening pleasure. The new phones, seen below in their sneak, have been reportedly developed by Marshall from the ground up and not outsourced, but this preliminary information may not be entirely accurate. (In other words, your mileage may vary. —Ed.)

Marshall Headphones

These headphones are claimed to be conceived from Marshall’s time-tested fundaments of performance and endurance, designed to thrive on daily use and to render music the way it was meant to sound, no matter what your flavor is. The greatest of effort has also been put into the aesthetics, making the headphones showcase that iconic Marshall look.

The Marshall Headphones are set to launch on the 15th of November. We’re guessing about $200-300 beans should allow Sharon to put a pair in Ozzy’s Christmas stocking. More information on Marshall Headphones.

Author: FutureMusic

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