Friday Madness: Dog Speakers

It’s hard to get your arms around this concept, but apparently there’s a market for Outdoor German Shepherd Speakers. Here’s their pitch:

This is for dog lovers! Not only does it look like a real German Shepherd, but it also produces great sound. With a specially designed enclosure and a built-in soundport, this dog speaker produces strong bass and very clean highs. Every customer that walks into our office thinks that this dog speaker is a real German shepherd. That’s how real it looks! Can you imagine putting this German shepherd in your backyard or front entrance? Your friends and family will be amazed with the quality and the beautiful music coming out from them.

German Shepherd Dog Speaker

Aside from the idiotic 1950’s Fool Your Friends marketing strategy, these “pups” are disturbing, to say the least.

Each German Shepherd Dog Speaker will set you back $300. More information on the German Shepherd Dog Speaker.

Author: FutureMusic

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