MOG Announces Android & iPhone Apps

MOG, the on-demand music listening service, has announced that its mobile streaming music application is now available for download through Apple’s App Store and on Android Market. The MOG mobile app is free to download and users can enjoy a free 3-day trial with no sign-up or credit card required. For $9.99 per month, subscribers get access to more than 8 million songs with unlimited listening and all-you-can-eat downloads, as well as MOG’s desktop service which can be accessed using any PC and any browser. MOG is the first mobile service that lets users download any song or album directly to their iPhone or Android phone for a low monthly fee.

MOG brings to mobile devices, for the first time, true “artist only” radio stations. Users can listen to uninterrupted music from their favorite artists for as long as they want since there is no limit to the number of tracks that can be played in a row. Listeners can also discover new artists by using the player’s unique slider control to introduce similar artists into the mix. The slider is powered by “MOG Mobius,” a patent-pending music discovery engine.

» Unlimited downloads: Download any song or album directly to your phone and continue to listen to music even when out of cell or WiFi range.
» On-demand streaming: Unlimited listening to any artist, album, or song at any time.
» MOG Radio: Only MOG offers the patent-pending “MOG Mobius” music engine, which enables users to control the mix of similar artists, from true “artist only” radio up to a full mix of similar artists.
» Playlist access between website and mobile: Make playlists on and access them on your phone. Favorite tracks that are bookmarked using the mobile app are then integrated into a user’s personal library.
» High quality audio: Songs can be downloaded at the standard rate of 64 kbps or users can turn on HQ downloads (up to 320 kbps) to save the song as a larger file with higher audio quality. This gives users the option of receiving high quality downloads for maximum audio fidelity.

Multitasking is not included in the current release, but MOG claims it will be available shortly.

More information on MOG.

Author: FutureMusic

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