Roger Linn Design Updates AdrenaLinn To Version 2.0

Roger Linn Design has updated AdrenaLinn Sync to version 2.0. The software plug-in provides the same beat-synced filter modulation and sequencing effects of the AdrenaLinn III guitar pedal with some twists. Though intended for guitar, it can add tonal effects to any instrument or processed audio.

AdrenaLinn Sync Version 2 is written in conjunction with Way Out Ware, makers of TimeWArp2600 and KikAxxe, emulations of vintage Arp analog synthesizers. Version 2 is completely rewritten and takes advantage of Way Out Ware’s analog-modeled filters and audio processing technology.

» There are 2 modulation paths, more fine-tuning of randomness, more swing control, and lots more.
» Warm, punchy and faithful emulations of analog lowpass, bandpass and hipass filters
» phasor and flanger emulations
» 3D rendered user interface, mimics the controls and textures of the AdrenaLinn III pedal.
» 100 new presets, optimized for the new V2 filters, and now able to be selected or saved from the plug-in’s panel
» 28 empty preset slots are also included for saving your own presets.
» Noise source for Self-Generated Noise Beats and Synth Loops
» Full Stereo Signal Path
» Snap To Scale: Snap the modulation signals to 14 different musical scales.
» Tube-Modeled Distortion
» Stereo Beat-Synced Delay up to 32 Seconds / 8 Bars
» Limiter improved for faster attack and greater transparency
» Unlike the original version, version 2 no longer uses Cycling 74’s Pluggo technology. This means that unlike the original AdrenaLinn Sync release, version 2 works fine in Cubase and also in Live 8 when Max For Live is installed.

Roger Linn Design’s AdrenaLinn 2.0 is currently in beta. The update is free for existing users. More information on Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn 2.0.

Author: FutureMusic

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