KK Labs Announces D8 & D6 Studio Monitors

Keith Klawitter has started his own company, KK Labs, and announced two new products, the D8 and D6 Studio Monitors.

The DS8 represents KK labs initial development of high resolution recording monitoring systems, using the latest in DSP and Digital networking technologies. The monitor is a 2-way, DSP/Ethernet controlled powered speaker system. Utilizing a 8″ LF proprietary cone material with a 1″ titanium HF composite diaphragm, and DSP/Ethernet control allows either analog or AES digital audio input connection for a full 48 kHz sampling rate. The design allows the signal path to stay fully digital, without the need for analog/digital converters. GUI network compatibility is also an option for tuning and remote connection.

The cabinet design for Acoustic Cabinet Control or ACC (if you’re nasty… —Ed.) provide the ability to align and tune the low frequencies, resulting in claimed linear and quick transient response, for bass impact and low distortion.

Balanced XLR, 1/4″ TRS, allow connection of professional mixing consoles, computer audio interfaces, audio visual equipment, and consumer audio systems.

The KK Labs D8 costs a little over five grand for the pair and is available now. More information on the KK Labs D8.

Author: FutureMusic

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