Ableton, Serato Fumble Collaboration Announcement

Poor Public Relations Effort Leads To Confusion, Disappoint & Poor Initial Reception for The Bridge

After months of hype from both Ableton and Serato, the day of reckoning came with a resounding “meh” from the Ableton community. Yesterday’s big unveiling culminated in a 417 word press release to the world and little else. While we can’t actually judge The Bridge without getting our meaty paws on the product, we can tell you that the PR campaign behind the announcement gets a failing grade.

The DJ/Live world was abuzz when news first floated into the ether about the hand-holding between these two innovative companies. What Jesus Product would be unleashed?? Full DJing inside Live? Live inside of Serato? A brand new hybrid product that would turn the industry upside down? Nothing was beyond possibilities…

As we commented yesterday, nothing that these two concerns debuted was going to make everyone happy, no matter how groundbreaking, but the underwhelming presentation of The Bridge to the world is directly responsible for the public’s initial poor response.

The public relations departments of both companies are solely to blame for not providing nearly enough information and concrete details about some of the intricacies of The Bridge. No tech specs, no set-up examples, and most importantly, no video of The Bridge in action. Instead what video we did get is basically a bunch of artists sitting around telling us how wonderful the product is… Now these cats must have used the product at some stage in its development (especially if they want to retain any credibility with their endorsement) so why not demonstrate what The Bridge can actually DO??

Instead we get a whole lot of nothing.

If Ableton and Serato are dismayed at the public’s initial response to The Bridge, they should have their marketing and public relations personnel take a good hard look at themselves and learn from this misstep.

Author: FutureMusic

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