Unearthed Circuits Unleashes Drone Machine

If you like your electronic music in bloops ‘n’ bleeps, then the nutjob behind Unearthed Circuits has unleashed a new device to melt your mind. The Drone Machine’s feature set is pretty much a wish list for Git-mo anyone into creating sounds that will drill a hole in your skull.

The Drone Machine is a four oscillator noise maker that is controlled by a joystick. The joystick has 4 SPDT micro switches that trigger in each direction. I have it wired to switches that allow you to change them between open or closed switches — Activating the oscillator or muting it. You can have any combination of of them set. The pitch of each oscillator can be changed using a knob, or by a photo-resistor. There‚Äôs a strobe circuit included that can be directed at the photo-resistors.

An effects section that contains overdrive, fuzz and ring mod effects, has also been incorporated. These affects can be tweaked using a knob or through body contacts mounted on the the front.

More information on Unearthed Circuits Drone Machine.

Author: FutureMusic

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