GotharMusic Unleashes deMOON Micro Synthesizer

GotharMusic, a small Denmark company, has unleashed deMOON an affordable 4 note polyphonic filterbank synthesizer with build-in granulator and distortion effects, step-sequencer and note randomizer. Small and compact in size with a distinctive sound, the deMOON features four oscillator’s and four LFO’s with continuously variable waveforms and four resonant multimode filters that can be parallel/serial connected for dynamic possibilities.

» 4 voices with each 1 oscillator or 1 voice with 4 oscillators in unison mode
» Oscillators has continuously variable and modulatable waveforms
» 4 resonant multimode filters (lpf/bpf/hpf) that are separately programmable and each can be parallel or serial connected to each other
» Distortion effect with 5 different types
» Granulator effect build in
» 4 LFO’s with continuously variable and modulatable waveforms
» 2 envelopes
» Note randomizer
» 32-step step sequencer
» Most parameters can be controlled by a MIDI-controller
» Micro size
» Memory: 128 sounds and sequences
» Output: 16-bit delta-sigma with 256x oversampling

deMOON’s user interface are very simple: One volume knob, to edit/controller knobs, an encoder with click switch and a play/enter pushbutton with blue LED. In edit mode, the two edit/controller knobs edits two parameters at a time, on the selected edit page. In sound select mode, they transmits midi-controller 2 and 3 internally to the parameters, where these controllers are selected as modulation source. The encoder selects sound and navigate around in the edit pages plus it adjusts some switch-functions on some edit pages.

deMOON receives note on’s and off’s and program change on the selected midi-channel. The oscillators also recieves pitch-bend data. All modulatable parameters can be modulated by velocity and midi-controller 1-3. Midi controllers 4 to 90 are hard-assigned to most of the deMOON’s parameters, for easy hooking up with a midi-control device.

GotharMusic’s deMOON Micro Synthesizer costs €250 and is available now. More information on the GotharMusic deMOON Micro Synthesizer.

Author: FutureMusic

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