MFB Releases Schlagzwerg – Analog Drum Synth

Germany’s MFB has released Schlagzwerg, an analog drum and percussion modular synth in a compact desktop package. Schlagzwerg combines CV-controllable percussion modules and a six-track CV/Gate-sequencer into a small drum-machine for live and studio applications.

Schlagzwerg’s semi-modular concept is ready without requiring any patch-connections. Its internal pre-wiring comprises trigger-assignments for the gate-tracks of five (of six) drum-sounds as well as hihat decay-control. The additional CV-tracks can freely be patched to any of the modules’ functions. Naturally, the available CV-inputs can also be addressed by external control sources like LFOs, envelope generators or a Theremin-controller.

» semi-modular drum-machine
» true analog sound sources
» kick, snare and tom (DRUM-04/-05/-06)
» cymbal and hihat (DRUM-07)
» step-sequencer with 16 steps and 16 A/B-patterns
» 6 gate- and 6 CV-tracks
» separate CV/Gate-tracks, e.g. for use with Kraftzwerg
» integrated MIDI/CV-interface
» integrated stereo-mixer with panning

The internal sequencer can store sixteen patterns, each holding A- and B-parts. Patterns can be advanced using gate-signals as well as thru start/stop and reset remote inputs. The sequencer can be externally synchronized. Start/Stop and clock-sync can also be remote controlled from the units MIDI-input without any further patch connections.

Schlagzwerg will double as a sixfold MIDI-CV/gate-converter. Two modes cover drum-sound control and a basic CV/gate-output of the sequences. Two additional modes allow conversion of incoming MIDI-data into CV/gate with the internal sequencer being inactive. Here, every drum sound is controlled by an individual MIDI-channel with a pitch range of two octaves. A separate channel with five-octave-range is used for synthesizer control.

The individual drum-sounds derive from our MFB’s drum modules. Trigger inputs are level-sensitive and allow dynamic performance via drum-pads, piezo-pickups or microphones. All drums offer CV-inputs for different parameters. The different drum-sounds do not require attenuators because the sequencer allows for scalable CV-output.

The bass-drum is the powerful sound from the MFB-503 drum-machine and offers a wide variety of possible kick sounds due to its attack, tune, decay, pitch and drive attributes. All sounds are routed into the internal mixer with adjustable panning and stereo outputs. Alternatively, the sound modules also offer individual outputs.

MFB’s Schlagzwerg costs €680 and is available now. More information on MFB Schlagzwerg.

Author: FutureMusic

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