Knobster Premiers Latest Bizarre Free Synth – The Keywriter

Knobster’s Andrej Pastushenko, an Ukraine developer, has premiered his latest weird virtual synth for Windows, the Keywriter. Keywriter is a rompler that reproduce the sounds of the Erika German typewriter. It can be used as a unusual rhythm machine, and/or as a tool for special effects.

» Full range of typewriter sounds
» Stereo control
» Drive control
» Low CPU usage

Andrej has also got some other bizzaro synth creations that you may want to consider downloading (see disclaimer below)

MEOWSYNTH: The world first meowizer synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC. Based on a real cat Baksik. Ideal for soloing.

» 1x oscillator cat meowing with autofilter
» Velocity sensitive
» Monophonic and polyphonic modes
» Visual feedback
» Internal chorus
» Internal tempo synced vibrato with controlled attack.

PLASTIC PIANO: Plastic Piano is a simple electric piano emulator with a plastic sound. Especially good for the lo-fi and cheap-tone music.

» 2x oscillators with three wavetypes
» LP-filter for each oscillator
» Velocity sensitivity
» ADSR-envelope
» Magic button

ORGANAUT: Classical tonewheel organ emulator. Can produce analog and digital sounds.

» 9 drawbars
» Rotary cabinet emulation
» Keyboard click emulation
» Internal reverb
» Octave shift
» Digital / analog modes

Disclaimer From Andrej Pastushenko:
Suggested below synthesizers are only available in VST format for platform Windows only. Versions for other platforms in the near future is foreseen. In connection with the fact that the software is free, it claims to incorrect operation or to any possible consequences of its use can not be accepted. This software is provided as is. Use at your own risk.

All of Andrej Pastushenko’s Knobster creations are free. More information on Keywriter and other Knobsters.

Author: FutureMusic

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